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Despite being a multitasker, you'll find this bag squeezing all of your must haves, must nots, and can't haves without a second thought. Featuring a durable ripstop polyester, this bag will withstand the elements and make sure you'll never have to leave home without a modicum of swagger.

DIY creative activity for kids

Whether you're going on a road trip or just visiting the park, the Cocomelon backpack is a great tool for kids to use. It has adjustable straps, plenty of room for books and other school supplies, and it even comes with a zipper!

The Cocomelon Color Your Own Backpack Activity Set is an excellent way for kids to express their creativity. It includes a mini backpack and 6 colorful markers. These markers can be used to decorate a backpack, notebook backpack, or galaxy backpack.

This is a fun, quick, and easy craft. It requires only a few supplies, and you can use it for a back to school unit or as part of a birthday party.


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