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Gudetama is a quail-egg-like character from the Japanese anime and manga. He is about the size of a quail egg, with a grey shell and black spots. His voice is very low and hard to hear, and his expression is very angry. His merch items include shirts, posters, and mugs.

He's a fried egg

Whether you're a Gudetama merch fanatic or a fried egg enthusiast, you've probably seen some Gudetama merch. Whether you're an official collector or just an average fan, you'll be happy to know that you're not alone! Gudetama has long been a popular Japanese character, and fans all over the world love the little yellow octopus. You can even buy Gudetama merch!

He's a chick

If you're looking for Gudetama merch andise, you've come to the right place. This cute chick charm is made of fuzzy fabric and has felt accessories. It also has embroidered features and a stretchy cord.


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